A collection of fan favorites. Some songs have been updated with new vocals and instrumental tracks, some remixed, all remastered to improve overall sonic quality. These are lo-fi excerpts.

  1. Think I'll Wear Black Again Today
  2. Kurt Cobain is Dead, I Wish It Were You (clean version) (lyrics) (uncensored version)
  3. England's Plastic Rose (2004 remix, clean version) (lyrics) (original version)
  4. Betty Ford Baby (2004 update) (lyrics) (original version)
  5. Head Full of Paint (lyrics)
  6. Slow Drivin' Man (lyrics)
  7. Corporate Anthem
  8. Magic Moments (lyrics) (long version)
  9. Busload Of Nuns
  10. Proud to Be the Great Satan (lyrics)
  11. You Stole My Squid (clean version) (lyrics) (original version)
  12. One Child Cries (lyrics) (long version)
  13. Hellfire Club (lyrics)
  14. The Prison Love Song (2004 update) (lyrics)
  15. A Gun Named Jesus (lyrics) (long version)
  16. The Voices (long version)
  17. The Raccoon (english version) (lyrics) (spanish version) (lyrics en espanol)
  18. Heavy Metal Slut (2004 update) (lyrics) (long version)
  19. I Can't Touch Myself Anymore (lyrics)
  20. Attack of the Giant Space Hippies (lyrics) (long version)
  21. K.Y.F.S. (Techno remix) (original heavy metal version)


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