I Love You, Man


remember the first time you got thrown in the joint for some piddly assed

street crime, and you had to stay overnight cuz the _man_ couldn't

get you paid out till the next morning? And youhad to share a cell with

some rock-hard con who gave you a PhD from the school of hard knocks?

Well I do. This here's a little number that many bring back some memories...


Welcome to the Big House, little boy

new fish in the can

Now that you're here, you're my new toy

That you better understand

I'm the top dog in this here cage

I'm meaner than any old witch

So don't bother working up a rage cuz

I'm gonna make you my bitch

I'm the man up on the mound

and you've gotta receive

you now live my personal dog pound

I do not try to deceive

When I give you the flesh fastball

you've gotta take that pitch

your position in life has taken a fall cuz

I"m gonna make you my bitch

I'm gonna get you down on all fours

and take you for a little ride

soon my juices will be coming out your pores

so spread those asscheeks wide

you may have come in here straight

but now it's time to make a switch

you're my meat and that's your fate cuz

I'm gonna make you my bitch

bend over and take it

spread em, poindexter!

Assume the position!

Beg for a treat!

Squeal like a pig!

(c) 2001 Hidden Agenda

Lean back and enjoy it!