Betty Ford Baby

Rollin in her stroller she's BUI

Never saw a baby that could get so high

Drinkin wine from her sippy cup

And chuggin Budwiser

She's the only baby with a 100 proof diaper

She took 12 steps before she could walk

Slurred the first words she tried to talk

Before she learned her ABC's

She knew all about X and LSD


She's a Betty Ford Baby

With a Fisher price bong

She's a Betty Ford baby

Where did we go wrong?


She loves Barney and Teletubbies

Especially after she smokes a chubby

When the roach is cashed she starts to fussin

But she can catch a buzz from Robotussin

But she's got manners; she learned to share

She sells her stash to the kids at her day care

The kids all sing Hickory Dickory Dock

But baby's out back burning up a big rock


She's a Betty Ford Baby

Yeah she's so phat

She's a Betty Ford Baby

What's wrong with that?


She got kicked out of pre-K AA

Showed up toasted on her very first day

Her career ambition just can't be beat

She wants to be the first dealer on Sesame Street

Mama's little baby loves shortnin bread

But she's rather have something to feed her head

She's trippin, she's flying, her mind is freed

Cuz Acapulco Gold is bad ass weed


She's a Betty Ford Baby

Friend of Bill W.

She's a Betty Ford Baby

What the hell can we do?


(new lyrics for 2004)

her mama is single, yeah she's a divorcee

baby uses a needle when she plays horsy

there's a brand new drug that the baby's wantin

cause last week she got hooked on Oxycontin


(c) 2001 Hidden Agenda