You Stole My Squid

You stole my heart / stole my squid

you stole my dog and stole my id

stole my duck / out of luck / gotta truck / better duck

where's my gun? / where's my son? / I've gotta rock

I've got a big ol ball of twine / I keep it all the time / it's in a glass jar with my eye

There's a big ol bug inside my head / it makes me think that I may be dead / oh no! look at that truck ahead

there's not much that I can do / when I got blood spilling out of my 'frigerator too

oh no! there's back again those little voices telling me sin sin sin

(voices: "kill yourself do it (3x) kill yourself for satan")

was I supposed to come in then?

I ain't gonna sing no more shitting song until you get me another goddamn beer

what the hell you think I'm doing here? I'll just go back to the welfare line again

what the fuck do you think you're doing? give me my goddamn beer

I know space aliens that'll kill you

they'll kill you dead and they'll use your skull for an ashtray

the last person that ate me at the asylum he's dead too -- again

I killed him twice when he came back I had to chop him up into little pieces and then mail him to Hawaii

oh you laugh now / you just keep on laughing / we'll see who gets the last laugh / Mr. Big Shot driving a German car

no I don't want no fucking lite beer! Where's a Budweiser? about damn time!

(c) 2001 Hidden Agenda