It's party time tonight
Treat you to some real Black Soul
The Prince of Lies is party-wise
Getting down to rock and roll
Soft flesh is our sacrament
We take it at the door
Once you enter the Hellfire Club
Your soul is yours no more

There's nothing like Satan getting down
You'll go down as well
Human hors d'oeuvres and cups of blood
In the club of hell, the banquetÕ' swell
Writhing souls fill the dancehall
Flames reflected in the mirrorball
The band swings to the sound of screams
The imitation of life isn't quite what it seems

Party with the devil
He's looking for some souls
The contract's on the level
Come on and join the show
If you've signed in blood
It's far too late to late to whine
You know it's the end for your when Satan says "you're mine"

Chant: Satan, Satan, Satan, etc.

(c) 2003 Hidden Agenda