Magic Moments


These magic moments, The memories shine so bright

Just like the day you broke my heart

and then wrecked my shiny new car.

These magic moments

are bright like the sun at night.

Just like the day you slept with my best friends,

and spent the night with all of them.


These magic moments

are memories I shall not forget

Just like the time you maxed my visa,

on a gifts for your new boyfriends

These magic moments,

we make them every day

Just as I plan to take your life,

and throw your rotting carcass away


These magic moments,

I'll never forget these times

As we make a magic moment

with my shiny new steak knife

These magic moments,

In the beautiful moonlight

While your chopped up corpse sinks into the river

and joins with the silt


Magic moments can be the best times of our lives.

Magic moments, make some today

Magic moments, make someone go away

Magic moments, the memories shine so bright

Magic moments, the memories start tonight

Magic moments

(c) 2001 Hidden Agenda