Over in the middle east, the USA's got a bad reputation.
When people ask if we have regrets, well, tell them that there ain't none!
We're gonna kick their asses
and take their names
Because we're proud to be The Great Satan!

We've got:
Pornography and MTV
Marijuana and LSD
Pork rinds, pork roast
Bacon fat, shrimp toast!
Ham hocks and collared greens
Teenage sex and Listerene
Smart ass punks with fake nunchucks
Skoal-spittin' rednecks in monster trucks
Cruise missiles and atomic bombs
Nikes made in Vietnam
Enimem and M&Ms
Crack-head junkies singing hymns
Tabloid junk and cable news
Drunk-ass winos and rich old Jews
Grizzly bears and big mouth bass
Conway Twitty and Philip Glass
Shotgun racks and longhorn steers
Castro Street and screaming queers
Cum sucking sluts and UFO nuts
Fat assed politicians with big old butts
Disco clubs and fast french fries
Hustler spreads of naked thighs
Welfare whores and crooked cops
Legalized gambling and subsidized crops
Overalls from Oskosh
Software for your Macintosh
Toilet paper and dental floss
Big stock options for Dilbert's boss
Star Trek and Hollywood dreck
Credit cards and lots of checks
Lots and lots and LOTS of guns
The colleges YOU send your sons!
Islamic girls lead lives of sin,
And never come back home again.

Our state has more money than all of Iran,
And we'd rather watch Star Wars than read the Koran!
We're a big old mess of money and sin,
but when the chips are down, we always win!
We are the land you love to hate
we're Satan: not just good, we're Grrreat!
Guess what, Abdul? It's the Great Satan's turn.
Your mosques will fall, your cities will burn.
We're a hundred feet high and made of steel
You're just a minnow on our fishing reel
When we get mad, we get more than even.
We'll leave your widows and orphans grieven'.
You got our attention when you attacked our home,
But the Great Satan protects his own!

(c) 2003 Hidden Agenda