Briefly released as a double CD set in two parts "Aural" and "Fecal". After its release, we liked Aural so much that we made it a separate project. The best songs from Fecal were added to the older 'classics' we put on the Music That Hurts compilation.

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reborn as Topographic Pictures of the Crimson Lamb's Tears


  1. F*ckit - (lyrics) I'm a f*cking genius
  2. Proud To Be the Great Satan - (lyrics) our pro-war anthem
  3. Hellfire Club - (lyrics) no Hidden Agenda project would be complete with a song about our pal Lou Cipher
  4. I Can't Touch Myself Anymore - (lyrics) ballad of a lost first love
  5. Attack of the Giant Space Hippies - (lyrics) a bedtime story for NORML kids
  6. El Raccoon - (lyrics) we can be stupid in two languages
  7. Slow Drivin' Man - (lyrics) thanks for winning WW II, now get the hell out of my lane
  8. Physician's Tale - from the off-Broadway musical "Canterbury!" based on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Simple minds and severed heads.
  9. One Child Cries - (lyrics) every bad Academy-award winning song ever written mashed into one gooey mass
  10. Drain - (lyrics) drugs are bad, mm kay?
  11. Head Full of Paint - (lyrics) did you hear about the guy who died huffing Liquid Paper? He thought his life was one big mistake.
  12. Chubby - we have no excuse for this one
  13. The Teacher (lo-cal edit) - Originally on the cassette version of "Hidden Agenda" but cut from the CD release. Edited and remastered.
  14. The Raccoon - (lyrics) we can be stupid in two languages
  15. D*rnit - (lyrics) Pat would be proud

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