This is What you Get Because you Suck


I'm a little punk from the rich part of town

Got everything I want, no reason to feel down

But my outlook on life is pretty damn shitty

Got low self-esteem and I'm full of self-pity

I hate the jocks and I hate the stoners

I hate the cheerleaders cuz they give me boners

I dress like a freak and I act like an ass

And now I'm gonna kill everyone in my math class

This is what you get because you suck


I found a couple other total losers like me

And we're trying to be as cool as the Manson family

We've plotted and planned and dreamed, you'll see

We're gonna be big stars on Court TV

We get boozed up and do stupid shit

And throw little tantrums like a 2 yr olds hissy fit

I'm really pissed off I got a B in Art

So I'm gonna put a bullet through my teacher's heart

This is what you get because you suck.


Point and shoot and the gun goes "pop"

Like Ruffles - shoot one, and you just can't stop

"Keeping it real" with my death machines

Don't know why they wouldn't let me in the U.S. Marines

But the bombs didn't blow and my Tec-9 jammed

This isn't working out quite the way we planned

Thought it would be cool to bring all this pain

But I'm still a fucking loser, put a bullet in my brain

This is what I get because I suck

I suck I suck I suck I suck

(c) 2001 Hidden Agenda





This is what I get because I suck