We're All Gonna Die

it was a small thing

it was a very small thing

they kind of mistake that you make

a hundred times a day

somebody else made a mistake like me

and one plus one equals tragedy

for eternity

we're all gonna die


it was bad for me

so very bad for me

I'm gonna quit tomorrow

tomorrow I'm gonna be free

I had the best intentions, I just wanted to wait

for one more day, but too little too late

it's your fate

we're all gonna die


God don't make junk

They taught me that in Sunday school

but everything grows old and dies

did they think I was a fool?

eat right, work out, stay straight and true

do everything they say you should

but it won't help, no matter what you do

bad things happen to the good



I had a bad day

I had a very bad day

it was a million to one shot

but bad luck was coming my way

and now you're gonna see me on Fox TV

you're thinking "that could never ever happen to me"

wait and see

(c) 2001 Hidden Agenda

we're all gonna die