I know the secret handshake

I make the back door deal

I'm skimming off the profits

Why work when I can steal?


I've got a Hidden Agenda

Nothing I say is true

And I'm the one you trusted

I've been exploiting you


I make the pretty speeches

I cry the pitiful tears

I'm pulling on your heartstrings

Like a trucker shifting gears


I've got a Hidden Agenda

I spin you round and round

I'm the master of misdirection

I'm the lord of the underground


I know where the bodies are buried

I had those documents lost

I'm swearing on the Bible

but I've got my fingers crossed


I've got a Hidden Agenda

Master of the bait and switch

I'm a smiling lying bastard

I'm a goddamn son of a bitch

(c) 2001 Hidden Agenda