WAR IS BAD (my father's dead)

(no one understands my artistic vision)

(Mr W)
I had to escape from the Machine
Everyone but me is full of it
I can't go on feeling this much pain
When I see you I just want to spit

(Mr G)
So, do you think you could tell
Art rock from pap?
Real music from crap?
A cold contract
From an unpleasant fact
Did you know that your lines
Were just one long whine?
Did you think you could tell?

Did you think you could fly
Solo so high?
Left behind in their wake,
Did you think that the break
Might have been a mistake?
You missed your slice of the pie.
Up there in the sky
Kiss your millions goodbye.

(Mr W)
Ooh babe, can't you tell that I'm sad
My father's dead and war is bad
Mother remember what you said?
War is bad, my father's dead

(babe, please don't leave, babe! ooh babe!
Damn you Margaret Thatcher)

(c) 2003 Hidden Agenda