(acoustic guitar intro)

Sighing in delight through soft sound spaces
awareness rendered in a clear light
motion reaching underground in deep places
mind eye sighing at the sigh - eye eye eye ite eye eye eye ite

traveling unraveling the threads and seeing
doctrinal conundrums from above
we seek the highest writings of the farthest teaching
and emit the silent science of the luh-uh-uh-uh-ove uh-uh-uh-ove

in the round worlds tree footfall of green
swimming stream stone windy waterfall
believing in things seen and unseen
seek the being eternal knowing ah-ah-ah-all ah-ah-ah-all

past slightly smoking cosmic cinders
shine fire's bright light to want to know
priestly pine posts patent penders
technique beyond philosophy we show-ow-ow-ow ow-ow-ow

world-weary cotton-clad mystic charmer
in the cave above the snow
only loincloth can't be warmer
no fire no food no one to know-ow-ow-ow ow-ow-ow

singing outloud uncontained freedom
shout the happy and forget the same
enrapture your soul in boundless wisdom
seeing and freeing love send the nay-yay-yay-yay-ame ay-yay-yay-ame


(c) 2003 Hidden Agenda