We sail beyond the asteroid belt upon the ship Discovery
To find the final answer to mankind's greatest mystery
the monolith appeared upon the Moon
we found it and it spoke to us and soon
unearthly things
near Saturn's rings
called to us from the sky

Monolith! Monolith! What ancient race left you behind?
Monolith! Monolith! What secrets can you help us find?
near Ganymede most of my shipmates died
when microchips mysteriously fried
and all along
your siren song
beckoned us into your waiting arms

7/8 jam

I can't determine your intention
are you some alien invention?
as I draw close
an unseen force
pulls my ship inside...

"my god! it's full of...notes!"

into Petulant Frenzy

(c) 2003 Hidden Agenda