'<Genesis Part>
Walking across the kitchen floor
I turn the donut maker off
Then spread the frosting
On my sugary bakery treat
Outside in my hovercraft,
The eels are full of bitter hatred
They wish that they could eat my donuts
But they're having none.
Inside my secret music box
A single vermilion cow sits spinning
Looking at my donuts,
and crying out "Cupcakes!"

<Marillion Part>
The fair maid cries for her cupcakes
From her eyes, emerald tears doth fall
Shattering on my scattered pages, shards of empty lies
The harlequin chases his tail in the hall.

There's something fishy about the cupcakes!
In clamping fear I'm paralyzed!
They seem laced with bitter hatred
The source is no difficult surmise
And despite such finely grated promises
They're sprinkled on top with your bitter lies

Lies, lies
About your cupcakes!
Bitter cupcakes.
Fishy cupcakes...

I fear to gaze on your shattered visage
I dare not darken our castle home
That's why I'm here, drinking in a bar,
hated, despised, forgotten, drunk, alone

The battered firebrands of a twisted soul's mistakes
Yearns to offer you yet more cupcakes

They all crumble in despair!
The spider's sour curds and whey
All yesterday's tomorrows
are now tomorrow's tomorrow's todays
Is it too late to order a creme brulee?

For want of a cupcake
come eat, come eat
These bitter cupcakes

Supper's ready, and we're having cupcakes
come eat, come eat....
come eat, come eat....

and then suddenly...

(c) 2003 Hidden Agenda