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More Songs About Death and Satan

More Songs About Death and Satan, released in 2012, is a collection of remastered, remixed tracks from our earlier CDs - songs that were too vulgar and profane to go on the "radio-ready" Music That Hurts collection. There are also a few new songs.

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Read the Austin Chronicle review of Music That Hurts and Topographic Pictures.

Topographic Pictures of the Crimson Lamb's Tears is what you get when you cross Spinal Tap and the Rutles with a big stack of classic progressive rock albums. It's as twisted and wrong as earlier Hidden Agenda releases, but in a more refined, respectable way. As one listener put it: "so true to the objects of the parody as to be almost uncomfortable..."

For the serious fan of progressive rock, it doubles as a puzzle - a game of "spot the subreference". We spent way too much time trying to jam in as many of the "good bits" from those classic albums as we could into every song. The liner notes are the answer key: the answer to "what the hell were they thinking?" In our opinion its more fun to listen to the CD first and see how many references you can identify _before_ you cheat and read the liner notes. But if reading the liner notes before you hear the music will motivate you to buy the CD -- be our guest.

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Music That Hurts is a collection of tracks from 10 years' worth of socially irresponsible homebrew CDs of original music. Originally this was called the "Radio Ready" project. We went back to the original multitrack tapes for some of our favorites and got out the ol' turd polisher and went to work.

Vocals forcibly pitch-corrected with technology? Done. Song structures chopped and hacked to make songs shorter? Check. New lyrics? A few. Naughty words you can't say on radio clipped or masked out? Yea buddy. Re-mixed? As needed. Professionally mastered by a real audio engineer? Oh yeah. Like any of those improvements could possibly help. We tried.

It's all shiny and pretty but it still has that classic Hidden Agenda stench. When Spock said "logic is a pretty flower that smells bad" - he must have been talking about this CD. Crank it up.

Click here to get to 64Kbps downloads of samples of each song.

Or buy the high quality tracks from iTunes, amazon or emusic.



The truth is not "out there". There is no truth. All of us have our own Hidden Agendas. This is ours. We are the Dr. Moreau of music, splicing together components ripped from the healthy and living to make mutant, diseased monsters; a shambling, drooling parade of the deformed and insane. Isn't it lovely! Our songs seek to offend and disgust: creations that violate natural law and beg to be put out of their misery. Not to mention your misery. We delight in the unpleasant, the off key, the mediocre, the inappropriate, and the just plain depraved. We transcend limits of taste and talent to fill a much needed musical void. We don't feel your pain, we inflict it. Some bands take pride in their legions of fans: we take pride in the ever-growing lynch mob howling for our tainted blood.

Our goals: to bring a little darkness into a otherwise bright world; to make just one child cry.



MP3 files for all tracks on our older CD releases are available below. Copy them, trade them, pass them around. Share the pain.

For now, they are free. But someday, you will ALL PAY...

Here are our older CD releases, in their entirety:




CAVALCADE OF EVIL: AURAL/FECAL (2003 double CD release)


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